How to get to Malapascua

Malapascua Island is located in the Philippines

How to get to Malapascua is not that difficult. Therefore we will help you on this page how to get easily and conveniently to Malapascua.

Most people who travel to Malapascua Island come via Cebu city. Mactan International Airport is the closest airport to Malapascua Island.

From Cebu city you can catch a bus, car or a minibus up to the port of Maya. Maya is the take off point for the boats from the mainland to Malapascua. The road between Cebu City and Maya can be rough in places but there’s improvement. A lot of construction to improve the road is constantly going on.

The Easy Way

If you would prefer we can arrange a Private Car and Boat Transfer. Consequently we will collect you at the airport or your hotel and bring you to the port of Maya. Here you will  transfer to a Private Boat that will bring you directly to Thresher Cove Resort in comfort. In other words, you walk straight from the boat onto our beach and into the resort. Certainly the most convenient way to travel to Malapascua.

Prices can vary for this service so please Contact us for any Inquiries and Bookings.

The Adventurous Way

First of all, take a Taxi to the North Bus Terminal in Cebu City.  Once you arrive there you can take the Bus to the Port of Maya.

There are two Bus companies offering trips to Maya. First of all the Ceres Buses are the big yellow ones. You cannot miss them. Make sure you board the ones with AC and Wifi. The difference in price with the non AC buses is marginal. Secondly there are the Rough Riders. They are red and don’t have AC or Wifi and can live up to their name.

How to get to Malapascua

Cost of the Public Buses from Cebu City to Maya is around 180 PHP. Once you arrive in Maya, go to the little ticket booth at the end of the pier and they will help you get the next Public Boat. There is no fixed boat schedule, some boats wait until they are full before they depart. The last boat usually leaves around 5:30pm. Price for the Public Boat is 100 PHP.

Keep some small change in Pesos as you may need it for the Porters. If it is low tide  you will have be transferred via a small flat bottom boat to the Banka Ferry.

The cost for this service is 20 PHP per Person and Per Bag.

Once on Malapascua Island you can walk to Thresher Cove Resort. However, if you decide to take a Motorbike Taxi we will cover the costs.

Whichever way you decide get to Thresher Cove Resort, we wish you a pleasant journey.

We look forward seeing you soon on Malapascua Island…