We have the availability of different dormitory in Thresher Cove Dive Resort. The Dorms are mixed, air-conditioned and have bunk-beds (double decked single beds). Sometimes we open a dorm with double beds for couples. Some dorms even have a dedicated en-suite bathroom with shower and toilet. Everyday the staff of the resort makes sure that the room will be cleaned.

Thresher Cove Dormitory A

The first mixed dormitory of Thresher Cove Dive Resort has space for eight persons. This dorm is located in the centre of the resort and have easy access to the restaurant and the billiard area. The dorm have their own bathroom where you can find the shower, sink and the toilet.

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The 8-persons mixed dorm is spacious and comfortable

The 8-persons mixed dorm have four bunk beds and does have space for everyone

Thresher Cove Dormitory B

The dorm is located on the ground floor of the resort. In this dorm six single beds are available and the room have access to a shared bathroom with shower and toilet. In the room you can find a seating area, air conditioning, towels and linen. The dorm is no smoking.

The second dorm has six bunk beds

The second dorm has six bunk beds

Thresher Cove Dormitory C

The dormitory C has 14 bunk beds. All beds will be delivered with clean towels and bed linen. The unit is located on the ground floor and has air conditioning. This room has a no smoking policy.

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Thresher Cove is a Resort & Dive Centre on the Island of Malapascua in the Philippines

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