PADI IDC Testimonials for the year 2019

PADI IDC Testimonials
PADI IDC Malapascua February 2019

I joined one of Camille’s IDC in Malapascua, Philippines in February 2019. An amazing place for an IDC. This island is all about diving and one of the only places in the world where you get Thresher Sharks guaranteed.

I planned to do my IDC for a few years. Every time I found a course and a place that fit my schedule, the course was canceled or moved to a time that didn’t fit into my busy life. This happened three times. Reaching out to course directors was not the easiest thing either. I got lot’s of “maybes” and “I don’t know” after a long time waiting and sometimes they didn’t even reach back to me.

Not Camille. From our first contact, he was very endeavored to write back as fast as he could. I really did have quite a few questions. I did a cross over from CMAS and was therefore not really familiar with the PADI system. Camille answered everything to my satisfaction really fast and if he was unsure, he contacted PADI immediately. The service was excellent and convinced me to do the IDC with him.

The course itself was a pleasure.

I was lucky to end up in an awesome and very international group. Camille was teaching with fun. Although he has loads of experience, he didn’t seem to get tired teaching the same stuff over and over again. He was able to fit all the individual needs and found ways to make everything for everyone understandable. What I really liked about his course is that it didn’t feel like studying. After a few days in the classroom and in the pool, I could see progress in knowledge and an improvement in my skills. I was amazed to see such big steps just by doing stuff and not actually sitting down and trying to remember books by heart.

Camille has a wealth of experience

and he knows exactly what the examiners want to hear and what not. He is the best in preparing you for the IE. At this point, I also want to mention and thank our amazing staff instructor Lucio Bellomo who also did an amazing job in assisting Camille and answering tons of our questions. 

Thank you guys for the good times! I would do it again with you! 

PADI IDC Testimonials by Aaron Rösch, Austria, February 2019, Malapascua, Philippines


PADI IDC Testimonials

I did my dive master at Thresher Cove and decided to stay on and continue with my IDC. I didn’t do any research on the course director prior to.

But with my luck Camille turned out to be a great Course Director. He’s extremely knowledgeable and will put in the extra time with people when needed.

Camille teaches with a great deal of comedy, which lifts the stress level from the room. 

Camille showed a lot of excitement and care

during and after our IE. You could see on his face and by his reactions how much excitement he got by us all passing each section of the IE.
I hope I get the pleasure in crossing paths with Camille again in the future. Wish you all the best in the future with many more successful IDC and IE.
Also I would like to give a big shoutout to Lucio who was the staff instructor for the course. He also spent the whole time with us from day one right to the end. Gave everyone as much attention as needed and was always willing to answer questions.

PADI IDC Testimonials by Justin Smith, Canada, February 2019, Malapascua, Philippines


PADI IDC Testimonials

Ich habe den IDC im Februar 2019 auf Malapascua besucht von Camille Lemmens.

Dazu möchte ich folgendes sagen ich habe mich im Internet erkundigt über IDC in Thailand wo ich diverse Cours Directoren / Resorts angeschrieben habe, leider haben sehr wenige auf meine Angrage reagiert das ich einen Kurs buchen möchte.

Camille war einer der wenigen wo reagiert hat und auch gleich eine Übersicht zugestellt hat was man alles erwarten kann sowie was man noch zusätzlich buchen kann.

Camille war auch derjenige wo sehr schnell und ausführlich auf Fragen geantwortet hat.

Leider musste ich feststellen das der Kurs in Thailand zu spät für mich war und ich Camille eine absage schrieb mit der Begründung das ich nicht über ende Februar 2019 einen Kurs besuchen kann.

Postwenden kam eine Antwort mit der Frage ob ich auch in die Philippinen reisen würde da er dort noch einen IDC hat anfangs Februar 2019.

Ich schaute mir das Resort sowie die Anreise an und ich habe mich entschlossen meinen IDC in Malapascua zu machen.

Es war eine super Entscheidung

den es war eine super Gruppe vor Ort und mit Camille habe ich aus meiner sicht den besten Lehrer erwischt.

Einige werden sich jetzt fragen warum ich dies auf Deusch schreibe, es ist ziemlich einfach den Camille spricht Deutsch und ich konnte meinen IDC Deutsch / Englisch machen was für mich eine zusätzliche erleichterung war nicht in den Übersetzungsstress zu geraten.

Weiter möchte ich mich auch bei unserem Staff Instructor Lucio Bellomo bedanken er war eine super Unterstützung und hat Camille in jeder hinsicht immer untersützt.

Ich kann nur jedem Empfehlen den IDC mit Camille Lemmens zu machen es ist eine harte Zeit während dem IDC jedoch hatten wir auch sehr viel Spass was das Lernen erleichtet hat.

Zudem kann man nur von seiner Erfahung und seinem Wissen profitieren und er gibt auch gerne Beispiele oder Wahre Geschichten aus seiner Vergangenheit, zusätzlich lernt man noch einiges mehr bei Ihm.

PADI IDC Testimonials by Martin Wicki, Switzerland, February 2019, Malapascua, Philippines


PADI IDC Testimonials

Déjà bientôt un mois que ma formation d’instructeur s’est achevée et les souvenirs sont toujours bien encrés dans ma tête…

En novembre 2018, après 11 ans à travailler sur Paris, je décide de réaliser un tournant dans ma vie professionnelle en m’orientant dans une voie que j’affectionne : la plongée.

Après avoir visité Malapascua

en novembre 2017, il ne faisait aucun doute que je voulais démarrer ma carrière professionnelle ici. Après avoir accompli avec succès ma formation de divemaster, la formation d’instructeur s’est imposée à moi tout naturellement.

Par chance, Camille organisait quelques temps après la fin de mon divemaster une formation d’instructeur. Après un premier échange de mails avec Camille, je savais déjà que je participerai à son cours!

Les informations fournies ont été claires, précises et je n’ai pas eu du tout de surprise au premier jour de formation. Malgré un environnement de travail pas forcément des plus confortable et du matériel pédagogique un peu capricieux, la formation s’est déroulée dans la bonne humeur perpétuelle notamment grâce à Camille qui a tout fait pour nous mettre à l’aise durant l’ensemble de la formation, répondre à nos interrogations, nous rassurer quand nous doutions… 

Même si la formation est particulièrement soutenue (les journées peuvent être longues), je remercie Camille pour les précieux conseils prodigués et le savoir transmis.

En plus de Camille,

je tenais à remercier Lucio, notre staff instructor, qui s’est montré tout aussi disponible et attentionné. Bien sûr je n’oublie pas mes camarades de classes sans qui cette formation n’aurait pas été la même. Malgré nos environnements d’origines différents, la magie de notre passion commune a su nous souder pour faire de cette expérience quelque chose d’inoubliable…
Merci encore à toi Camille, Lucio et toute la team, en espérant vous revoir où que ce soit dans le monde…

PADI IDC Testimonials by Steven Anger, France, February 2019, Malapascua, Philippines


PADI IDC Testimonials

If you asked me, a year ago if I wanted to try diving it would have been a loud and clear “no”. 
Today almost one year later, I’m an Instructor. Hard to believe when it comes from a young woman who used to fear the ocean.

When I decided I wanted to do my IDC I was looking with my boyfriend at several different places and reviews of different course directors, – until we found Camille. My boyfriend who I did my IDC with and I looked him up and decided to contact him. After a few email correspondences, we were sure that we wanted Camille to be our course director. We even moved our IDC location so we were certain that we were going to do it with him.

Some people find the theory part of the IDC the most difficult. It always depends on how much you know already and how much you’ve prepared yourself. For me it was the mental development which I find the most important as well that was the most difficult, – but Camille really made it both changeling and exciting at the same time. He was supporting, helpful and the best teacher you can imagine, – always trying different angles to make you understand better.  

Camille is not just a great teacher

but he also likes to connect with each student on an individual level that makes his courses so much more real. He is a very talented course director and I really enjoyed having him as mine. He prepared us very well for the IE and with a patient and open mind figured a way of getting all of us to our goals. His always funny and smiling attitude helped getting all of us through some of the more challenging parts of the IDC. His countless experiences and stories made all the theories to a more “human connectable and understandable level” and actually made each topic interesting and important to learn, understand and appreciate.

Today I’m a Dive Instructor and already got my first job for this summer season in Europe. I’m proud of myself and Camille helped me getting where I am now.

It’s important as well to mention our great Staff Instructor Lucio Bellomo. He was absolutely amazing. An amazing instructor, – and his constantly smiling, helpful and professional mindset helped all of us to succeed our IE. He got me thinking of who I am as a person, what my strengths and my weaknesses are and how to become the best possible version of myself as a new instructor.    

I will definitely keep contact with Camille

and Lucio and forever be grateful for everything they taught me. They made me think of the most important thing about being an instructor, – not just by following the standards but also teach with passion and with the psychology of diving as an important aspect of teaching, – and furthermore understand how to teach the best possible way. They gave me the best guidance and teaching, – preparing me for the IDC and for that I’m very thankful. Two lovely men that I for sure will miss being around (and helping me when I have too many questions).

Once again, Thank you for the best IDC. I can only recommend choosing Camille as your Course Director.

PADI IDC Testimonials by  Karen Viuff, Denmark, February 2019, Malapascua, Philippines


PADI IDC Testimonials

I worked with Camille as IDC Staff Instructor during the February IDC in Malapascua, Philippines. What first stroke me about Camille was his professionalism when we communicated via email. Without knowing me, and despite this was my first experience in staffing an IDC, he just trusted me. This attitude was of course confirmed during the IDC, when I needed just a few tweaks to proceed in complete synchrony with him with a decent load of responsibility.

At the same time, he indirectly taught me a lot. He just knew where to stress a concept and where to let a candidate make a mistake. It took him one or two days to understand exactly every candidate’s profile, including their weaknesses and their strong points. This allowed him to teach adaptively and, as it turned out, extremely successfully. To me, he was the most open and helpful, available for consulting at any moment and keen to let me interact with the candidates during the classroom hours and the practical classes. He would never keep a thing for himself.

His mastery about the PADI system is, evidently, thorough. This, together with his large experience as an Instructor first and as a Course Director later, makes him a monument of knowledge he’s constantly willing to share.

Finally, there’s a point I really appreciated about Camille.

It’s again about professionalism, this time though towards the candidates. Beside being friendly and passionate, he assists them without being too serious or way too mild. He knows he’s dealing with his future colleagues, and he acts accordingly.

I hope there will be further chances to work together, Camille. It will just be a great pleasure.

PADI IDC Testimonials by Lucio Bellomo, Italy, IDCS Instructor, February 2019, Malapascua, Philippines


PADI IDC Testimonials

Aujourdhui, un peu plus de 3 mois après avoir passé mon IDC avec Camille, et suite à mes premières expèriences en tant qu’instructeur PADI, ici en Grèce, sur l’île de Rhodes , je me dois de partager mon ressenti et mon avis sur cette expérience.

Il y a de ça un an, lors de mon voyage en thailande, j’ ai decidé de changer de vie, et de me lançer dans cette aventure, qu’ est la plongée pro. Après avoir passé mes premiers niveaux, divemaster compris, sur l’île de Koh Tao, ma compagne et moi avons pris la décision de nous rendre aux Philippines pour faire notre IDC avec Camille. D’une part, le pays nous attiré , mais surtout nous étions decidé et convaincu que Camille serait le course director idéal, notamment de part la réputation qui le précède sur le web mais aussi à travers les discours de plusieurs personnes ayant travaillé avec lui et évolué à ses cotés lors de l’IDC.

Pour faire court, nous ne nous sommes pas trompé

D’une pédagogie hors norme, tout en gardant une grande part d’humanisme, il fut un “outil” et une aide précieuse en terme de compréhension, d’adaptation et d’evolution, pour nous permettre d’atteindre une certaine maturité et etre prêt pour l’ IE mais aussi pour bien débuter en tant qu’instructeur.

Pour ma part il fut aussi d’une grande aide au niveau personnel.
Je le remercie pour cela, ainsi que Lucio, qui nous à accompagné, aidé et conseillé jusqu’à la fin de l’IE, qui s’est soldé par une réussite pour l’ensemble du groupe.

A noter que Lucio comme Camille reste disponible pour moi, quand je fais appel à eux pour des questions, conseils et même pour m’aiguiller dans mes recherches d’emploi. Un grand merci pour cette belle aventure.

PADI IDC Testimonials by Anthony Serane, Switzerland, February 2019, Malapascua, Philippines

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