Monad Shoal

  • Distance: 30 min. Min.
  • Min. Depth: 16 meters
  • Max. Depth: 30 meters (Deeper if Deep Driver Trained)

Malapascua’s number one dive site is the world famous Monad Shoal. The top of Monad shoal ranges from 14 meters to 27 meters, with a drop-off that exceeds the limits of recreational diving. The famous Thresher sharks can be seen year round at this site. Thresher sharks are regular visitors to the many cleaning stations found on the top of the reef. Depending on the season you my also encounter white tip sharks, devil rays and giant manta rays. Other regular visitors to the cleaning stations include lionfish, sweet lips, octopus and batfish. We follow strict diving rule at Monad, to minimize the impact of divers and to increase the chance of a shark encounter. Please adhere to all rules explained by your dive guide during the dive briefing. For the more experienced diver. As this is a deep dive Nitrox is advised to extend your time with the Thresher Sharks.
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Thresher Cove is a Resort & Dive Centre on the Island of Malapascua in the Philippines

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