• Distance: 1 hour
  • Min. Depth: 10 meters
  • Max. Depth: 30-40 meters

A sea mound situated near the island of Leyte, the top of the mound is covered in soft flower corals, barrel sponges, and small outcrops of hard coral. The reef begins around 10 meters with one side gradually sloping down to 29 meters before becoming a severe drop off and the other side creating a stunning wall. Both sides are encrusted with an array of soft corals and sea fans. Yellow fin tuna and unicorn fish thrive in the rich waters and the infamous thresher shark has also been spotted here. During the winter months of November – February this site is famous for the schooling hammerheads that can.

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Thresher Cove is a Resort & Dive Centre on the Island of Malapascua in the Philippines

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