PADI Instructor Development Course Dates

Our PADI instructor development course dates (IDC) for PADI 5* IDDR Resort ‘Thresher Cove Resort’ can be found here.

Come and join us and enjoy the free prep IDC course at PADI 5* IDDR Resort ‘Thresher Cove Resort’ on Malapascua. During the IDC prep course you will practice the dive theory and the skills circuit in confined water. On top of that you will start practicing Rescue exercise #7, unconscious diver at the surface.  Furthermore the prep IDC has already a few workshops in confined water. Don’t miss out!


After successfully completing your PADI IDC and PADI IE, we offer you an internship at Thresher Cove Resort.

  • First of all, assist our instructors during the courses they teach and gain real life experience.
  • Secondly, up to 2 months free shared accommodation at our air conditioned dorm room.
  • Thirdly, free breakfast in our restaurant during the IDC, PADI IE, MSDT Prep and internship for up to 2 months.


First of all the PADI IDC is taught in small groups with lots of personal attention. Secondly, enjoy the knowledge you get out of dozens of workshops throughout our PADI IDC program. More importantly, our multi award winning PADI Course Directors has tons of experience that he happily shares with you.  Last but not least, our passing rate is very high.  To clarify, all of PADI Course Director Camille Lemmens IDC candidates on Malapascua have passed their PADI IE.

To sum up, choose the right school for your Instructor Training and internship. Certainly this is the most important decision you will make prior to entering the Dive Industry. Make sure you make that right choice.

In short, Camille’s programs provide the quality and expertise you should expect and demand during your Instructor Training.

PADI Instructor Development Course Dates

PADI Instructors Exam February 2019

PADI Instructor Development Course Dates 2020

EFRI=Emergency First Response Instructor

IE=Instructor Examination

IDC=Instructor Development Course


Firstly, here are the May 2020 dates;

  • 22nd – 30th May IDC
  • 31st May EFRI
  • 2 + 3 June PADI IE
  • 4- 7 June specialty instructor training

Furthermore we have July – August 2020 dates;

  • 27th July – 4th August IDC
  • 5th August EFRI
  • 7 + 8 August PADI IE
  • 9 – 12 August specialty instructor training

After that we have September – October 2020 dates;

  • 25th September – 3rd October IDC
  • 4th October EFRI
  • 6 + 7 October PADI IE
  • 8 – 11 October specialty instructor training

In addition, here are the dates for our last IDC in 2020, in November 2020

  • 21st November IDC
  • 30th November EFRI
  • 2 + 3 December PADI IE
  • 4 – 7 December specialty instructor training

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