Teach others how to Teach Diving

Just as scuba divers look up to divemasters, instructor candidates really respect IDC Staff Instructors. As the name implies, IDC Staff Instructors assist with instructor training and share their wisdom and experience with new PADI leaders. Taking the IDC Staff Instructor course provides you with in-depth knowledge of the instructor development process and prepares you to shape the next generation of PADI Professionals. It’s also a great career move

As a PADI IDC Staff Instructor you will help raise the next generation of PADI professionals as well as gain in-depth instructor trainer knowledge. 
As an IDC Staff Instructor you will be able to conduct independently the Assistant Instructor course, as well as present topics in the IDC and help shape PADI Divemasters and Assistant Instructors into PADI Open Water Instructors.
 If you plan to teach PADI Divemasters then the IDC Staff Instructor course will give you much-needed knowledge and skills that will help you create the Divemasters in their first step as a PADI Pro.
You will be assisting our PADI Course Director closely during a full IDC Program, learn how to score the candidates knowledge development, confined and open water presentations, as well as how to counsel and motivate them. The IDC Staff instructor course is a rewarding course as you are actively involved in all parts of the PADI IDC training and receive very valuable tips and techniques from our PADI Course Director and experience firsthand the development process of new instructors.

Your training to become a PADI IDC Staff Instructor will involve four modules:

  • Reassessment of knowledge, water skills and teaching ability

  • Orientation to PADI IDC policies, procedures and philosophy

  • Training in the skills of objective evaluation

  • Auditing a complete IDC Course.

What will you learn?

After a preassessment of your instructor-level knowledge of dive theory, exemplary dive skills and role-model presentation techniques, you’ll participate in these sessions:

Instructor development standards, procedures and curriculum

How to organize and conduct the PADI Assistant Instructor course

The psychology of evaluation and counseling

  • Evaluating knowledge development, confined water and open water teaching presentations

  • Plus, you’ll get to audit an IDC or practice teaching many curriculum components.

What are the components of the staff course ?

Knowledge Assessment:
 An IDC Staff  Instructor Candidate must demonstrate adequate knowledge of diving theory and PADI Systems, standards and procedures by exhibiting acceptable performance on written examinations.
You will be required to obtain a 85% passing mark on a series of pre-assessment examination.

Watermanship Assessment:
 You are required to demonstrate mastery of the PADI Skill Evaluation Circuit. To obtain this mastery all skills above a 2.0 and an average of  a 4.0 or higher is required.

Teaching Assessment:
An IDC Staff Instructor candidate must demonstrate acceptable performance of an academic teaching presentation.

 This involves orientation of the candidate to PADI IDC policies, procedures and philosophy.

Evaluation Training:
 During this module, you will learn how to objectively evaluate and give positive comments to PADI IDC candidate teaching presentations. Consistency in evaluation and critique along IDC Staff members is vital to enable the IDC candidate to effectively develop teaching skills .
Effective and consistent evaluation of candidate teaching presentations is the most important function of a Staff Instructor.
To prepare you for this role, some preliminary training will take place.

IDC Auditing:
 You will see from a staff perspective how a PADI IDC course is conducted and you will be able to see the development of the candidates’ abilities during the Program.
You observe all IDC training segments, evaluation sessions, and all aspects of staff organization.


You must have 
PADI MSDT certification.

Course Director Manual is highly recommended

Evaluation slates are mandatory ( There is also a IDC staff crew pack)