Hatha-Yoga in Thresher Cove Dive Resort

Currently during Covid19 all yoga activities are on hold

Thresher Cove Dive Resort will start organising Hatha-Yoga in the resort. Every morning and evening instructor Lucia Pfeifer will give you one hour lessons in Yoga. Certainly you don’t want to miss out.

What is Hatha-Yoga?

Firstly, you start with some breathing exercises, a short pranayama session. secondly, the class moves gently into an invigorating sequence of classical hatha yoga postures. Certainly with emphasis on learning the basic positions as well as variations. Thirdly, in final relaxation we bring about physical, mental and spiritual relaxation. At last, you experience inner peace through knowledge of the power of thought. Together with simple concentration and meditation exercises.


Have you ever thought about enjoying Yoga, while the sun comes up? Our resort has the best facilities to facilitate Hatha-Yoga. Firstly, the spacious resort has a private beach. Secondly a swimming pool. Thirdly a restaurant. Most importantly, we also offer excellent rooms. This makes Thresher Cove the best location to follow a Yoga lesson. Our lessons will be given twice a day. Most noteworthy, lessons are free for our guests.


Every morning and afternoon Lucia is giving Hatha-Yoga on the beach

Instructor Lucia Pfeifer

Lucia Pfeifer is a psychiatric nurse assistant with 22 years of teaching experience in Hatha-Yoga. She practiced at the Morocco desert on her own during spring 2018. Once more, she got deeply impressed. Firstly by the deprivation of the senses. Secondly by the infinite experience of her inner peace.

“In my teachings I always try to give you something for your every-day life. Something sustainable you can use and think of. Even long after the lesson is over. Yoga should be able to lift you up and support you in difficult situations.”

Current promotion 

In the first weeks of February, Thresher Cove Dive Resort will start with the first lessons Hatha Yoga. Every morning (08.30 AM and 16.30 PM), Lucia will teach our in-house and students from outside the resort. Most importantly, for all our in-house guest our Yoga lessons are for FREE. If you are staying somewhere else, please book your Yoga lessons by sending us an e-mail.

1 Lessons: 150 PHP 

10 Lessons: 1200 PHP

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