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The Donna Marilyn (Wreck)

Distance: 1.5 hours
Min. Depth: 18 meters
Max. Depth: 32 meters

The Dona Marilyn is a Filipino passenger ferry that sank on the 23rd of October 1988 in Typhoon Rudy. The 98 meter long ferry now lies intact on her starboard side in 32 meters of water, creating a unique artificial reef. Beneath the bow and stern you […]

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Kimud Shoal

Distance: 1 hour
Min. Depth: 10 meters
Max. Depth: 30-40 meters

A sea mound situated near the island of Leyte, the top of the mound is covered in soft flower corals, barrel sponges, and small outcrops of hard coral. The reef begins around 10 meters with one side gradually sloping down to 29 meters before becoming a […]

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Monad Shoal (Thresher Sharks)

Monad Shoal

Distance: 30 min. Min.
Min. Depth: 16 meters
Max. Depth: 30 meters (Deeper if Deep Driver Trained)

Malapascua’s number one dive site is the world famous Monad Shoal. The top of Monad shoal ranges from 14 meters to 27 meters, with a drop-off that exceeds the limits of recreational diving. The famous Thresher sharks can be seen year round at this […]

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The Mandarin Fish

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Three species of Thresher Sharks

With its unusually long tail, thresher sharks are one of the most easily distinguishable of all sharks in the ocean. The upper lobe of the thresher shark’s tail fin accounts for half of the shark’s total length – its tail is as long as the entire rest of the shark’s body!

The three kinds of […]

Divemaster Internships

<img class=”alignleft wp-image-5296 ” src=”×300.png” alt=”Padi” width=”168″ height=”187″ srcset=”×300.png 270w, 922w” sizes=”(max-width: 168px) 100vw, 168px” />Ever thought about becoming a PADI Professional Diver?
Want to swap your office for for diving with Thresher Sharks?
Work while you travel the world diving?
Visit Malapascua Island for a holiday and gain a PADI diving certification?
Our Divemaster internships give […]

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Wetsuit and what they do.

wetsuit come in many different styles and colours, some wetsuit are full length some wetsuits only cover part of the body.

The scuba diver’s wetsuit is often the first purchase a diver will make after they have their mask and fins. Face it, you don’t known how many times that rental wetsuit has been peed […]

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