For those who just want to relax then our restaurant/bar provides a comfortable venue where you sit and unwind, watch a movie or exchange tales of your diving adventures with friends new and old.Or if you prefer then you can spend the evening relaxing the beach and look out to sea to watch the distant fisherman making their evening catch, or just lie back and look up at the stars without being bothered by the light pollution so common now throughout the world.If you are a non-diver or have a non-diving day then you won’t be bored. You can spoil yourself with one of our spa treatments, swim in our pool, snorkel our reef, explore the beautiful coast in one of our kayaks or even take an island hopping trip or a sunset cruise.! !In the unlikely event that you cant find something to entertain you in the resort then the hustle of Bounty Beach is just 5 minutes away by bike taxi.

While you’re in the barrio (village), pay a visit to the basketball court where locals gather in the evening to play, drink and have socialise. The court is also acts as the venue for regular parties and festivities.